May 26, 2024


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The Chevy Spark (America’s Cheapest Car) Is Dead, Buy These 5 Used Cars Instead

  • Chevy Spark output stops in August, 2022
  • There is loads of low-priced applied cars, like the Honda In good shape, for below the Spark’s MSRP
  • We utilised the Spark 1LT’s $15,500 as a spending plan and located utilised motor vehicle gold

Chevrolet has killed the most economical vehicle in America. The Chevy Spark, the Bowtie Brand’s smallest vehicle, will finish output in August of 2022. This will come after a 10 years in the brand’s lineup. Chevy apparently is not searching at constructing a substitute and is in its place bowing out of the little motor vehicle segment altogether. So, we set collectively a record of utilised automobiles from throughout the board that you can get for the value of a middling Spark.

A silver Chevy Spark shot from the 3/4 angle on a city street

The Spark is dead now | Chevrolet

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