July 19, 2024


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Death Is No Respecter Of Persons

Death Is No Respecter Of Persons

Death is no respecter of persons

Most of us live our lives without thinking of dying. Death and dying is inevitable for us all. It does not depend on the color of your skin, your culture, background, and status in life or who you are. This is a harsh reality, but it is the truth. It may also be uncomfortable for you to read and will cause some kind of controversy with the general public for being so blunt.

Have you made a living will for your family? Have you made plans on what will happen when you die? Do you know where you are going to spend eternity? Does it matter to you at all? There is a life after death that requires deep soul searching and confronts your spirituality. It ironic that we spend most of our lives on our physical existence and not enough time on our eternal existence. We are all accountable to a creator of the human race, who created us for a specific purpose here on earth.

Since we have established the fact that death is no respecter of persons and that some day we will die, then the question is how prepared are you for death? Most of us are never prepared. It always catch us off guard like a thief in the night and the shock of losing a loved one becomes exasperatingly overwhelming that we don’t know how to cope with the grief.

Why me, is often the question that we ask God. It is not a personal thing that only happens to you. It will happen to all of us in our lifetime. We will lose someone to death and we need to come to that realization.

We don’t want to think about that painful fact before it happens and that is why we get to the point of depression and utter disbelief when the death of a loved one takes place. We should also be prepared for our own death as well.

Here are some important things to do while you are alive:

· Check your spiritual life. Are you in tuned with God and his purpose for your life?

· Are you fulfilling your purpose in life now?

· Have you made a will?

· Does your family know your last wishes?

· Remain in good health to live longer by exercising and eating healthy

· Take time to discuss these things with family members and friends. They may not want to discuss it, but bring up the conversation as much as you can so they can begin to listen to you.
· Are you keeping any secrets from your family?

· Do you have good relationships with all your family members? Life is too short to be upset about small things. Forgive and make up with anyone who has hurt you in the past. Get your conscience free.

Face your fear of death and dying. It is inevitable. Therefore be prepared for it and make sure that your spiritual life is sound first before anything else.