July 19, 2024


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How to Make a Winter Crafts Snow Globe

How to Make a Winter Crafts Snow Globe

Snow globes are great for any occasion or holiday, simply by changing what you use to create your scene. Just let your imagination run wild!

For example, make a harvest scene for Thanksgiving, a ghostly haunted house for Halloween, a red Valentine heart or colorful Easter/Spring display for the holiday of your choice.

Other themes could include a special birthday or event, sports team, favorite cartoon character or superhero, seashell or Victorian motif, to name just a few.

Once you have an event or theme in mind, it’s easy to gather together the elements for a really unique custom made creation.



Clear Glass Jar with a tight lid (pickle, pimento, jelly, baby food)

Small Waterproof Ornaments, Figures or Decorations

Distilled Water or Water that has been boiled and cooled

Clear Silicone Sealant (Aquarium Sealant) or Florist Clay

Egg Shells or Foil Confetti


Glycerin or Mineral Oil

Optional: Plastic Lid to fit inside the jar’s lid,
Circle of Fabric, Ribbon or Lace

1. Choose a Clean Dry Glass Jar – A baby food jar is perfect for a small kids craft, pimento jars have a unique ball shape, and pickle jars are large enough to allow you to add several elements to your scene. Just fit your jar to your desired final effect. Remove any labels and food residue.

2. Plan your Snow Globe Scene – Search your sewing kit and home craft supplies for materials and inspiration. You can make people, animals, trees – you name it – from craft foam. Sewing findings are a great source of small decorations too. Also consider miniatures at the craft or hobby store. Remember to shop the day after a holiday for lots of discounted items!

3. Secure the Figures and Decorations inside the jar lid with silicone sealant or florist clay. In order to elevate the scene so it is in clear view, glue a plastic lid inside the jar lid or build up the area with a little extra florist clay. Be sure to leave the edges clear so you have room to screw on the lid. Set aside to dry.

4. Prepare Your “Snow” using the shell from a hardboiled egg. Separate the shell from the membrane, place in a sturdy ziploc bag, and crush with a rolling pin. Finer particles will fall more slowly in the snow globe and have a more pleasing effect. However, avoid crushing eggshell into a powder as it will simply float in the water instead of falling gently.

Depending upon your theme, you can change your “snow” to go along with it. Try themed confetti available at craft stores to add an interesting element to your creation. If you’re doing a Halloween or Thanksgiving scene, look for foil leaf confetti in fall colors. For Easter you can use foil flower confetti. For a sports theme, use glitter in your favorite team’s colors.

The possibilities are endless and ensure that you are creating a one-of-a-kind snow globe!

5. Fill the Snow Globe – When you are pleased with your snow globe scene, fill the jar with distilled water, leaving a little space at the top to accommodate the figures. Add several drops of glycerin to keep the snow suspended and floating properly. Mineral oil or baby oil can also be used in place of the water and glycerin.

6. Add Snow and Glitter – When adding eggshells, make sure you have enough to cover the lid once it has settled to the bottom. Use silver glitter along with the egg shells to make shimmery snow – use one teaspoon of glitter for every inch of water. If you’re adventurous, experiment with different effects. Use a drop or two of colored lamp oil to create a swirling effect. Add food coloring to the water or use different colored glitters.

Close the jar tightly and shake your snow globe. Observe how the snow falls and the overall look. Tweak till you get the desired effect by adding a little more snow, glitter or confetti.

7. Seal the Dome – When you’re sure the figures and scenery are arranged to your satisfaction, and the snow to water ratio looks good, add a bead of silicone sealant around the threads of the lid and close tightly.

8. Add Final Touches – For a more decorative and finished look, cut a circle of pretty fabric a little larger than the jar lid. Secure to the lid with an elastic band. Hot glue a piece of ribbon or lace over the elastic band.

You’ll be proud to display and enjoy your original
winter crafts snow globe creation.