May 26, 2024


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Wiggles Crafts That Kids Can Make And Have Lots Of Fun With

Kids everywhere love the wiggles. They will have a lot of fun making crafts for the different characters. The characters that they can do a craft for are, Dorothy, Henry and Wags the dog. The character that they do is up to you unless you want to give the children the chance to choose themselves.
Here are the materials you will need for this Wiggles craft of Wags the dog.

Template (You can find this online or draw your own)

Toilet paper tube


Glue or tape


Construction paper

The first thing you want to do is to print out the template(s) that you want to use. You can either print this on regular paper or on construction paper, the thicker the paper the better. Then you or the kids can cut out the template of the Wiggles character. The kids can color where needed.

Then they want to glue the large rectangular piece around the toilet paper tube so that the whole thing is covered. Glue the tummy (oval piece) to the center front of the tube. Glue the head and arms. The tummy can overlap the tummy a little bit. Now glue the legs onto the bottom of the toilet paper tube. You can do this so that it looks like Wags is sitting down with the feet out in front. Fold the tail in half so it is colored on both sides. Bend the tab of the tail and glue it on the back. This will give the Wiggles dog a 3D look.

Now they have their own Wiggles dog that they can have fun with. They will be able to play with this craft for hours of fun. They can also be proud of the craft that they made themselves.