July 25, 2024


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Aluminum Handicrafts – Showcasing Finest Craft Work and Excellence

Aluminum Handicrafts – Showcasing Finest Craft Work and Excellence

Handicrafts refer to artistic products which are handmade or fabricated with the help of simple tools. These are essentially traditional crafts and can be used for consumer or decorative purposes. Handicrafts are made from a variety of metals and aluminum handicrafts form an increasingly popular part of Indian exports.

Aluminum handicrafts includes diverse objects such as candle holders, printed pots, picture frames, ice buckets, photo frames, flower vases, wall scones, ice scoops, pillar holders, tea lights, tableware, oil burners, garden urns, mirror frames, etc. Indian crafts are becoming increasingly popular both in India and abroad due to their high quality. Recent times have seen notable increase in the demand for these types of products.

Aluminum is the most abundant metal on the earth and is characterized as a soft and light metal. Highly malleable and durable, it is a preferred metal among manufacturers. Manufacturers find the metal easy to work with and strive to bring out the immense possibilities within this metal. Shades of aluminum vary from silvery to dull grey colour. Aluminum handicrafts are largely corrosion resistant and lend a simple yet beauteous touch to the home.

To truly know the significance of this metal, one has to understand that aluminum played an important role in the cultural life of India since the earliest times. This metal was ascribed with life giving and alchemic properties. Aluminum was carved into numerous articles for daily usage as well as for decorative purposes. Aluminum handicrafts are engraved with a range of traditional patterns and designs. Ornamentation on aluminum can vary from chiseling, punching or inlay work, all requiring high calibre and painstaking work.

India is capable of offering the widest possible range of quality handicrafts. With increase in popularity, there is a rise in the variety of aluminum handicrafts. Highly admired, aluminum craft works have found a niche market in the West. They are affordable priced and are of durable quality.