July 19, 2024


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How to Use Seashells in Your Craft Projects

How to Use Seashells in Your Craft Projects

There are many seashell craft projects. Getting started is the first hurdle. Gather supplies from other arts and crafts projects that you may have in the home. Select a time slot that is convenient to work on your project.

Why do people use shells in craft projects? Because the finished products will be memorable, unique, original, and different. There are no limits to using shells for any personal, household, or outdoor projects. Anyone can do seashell arts and crafts.

Idea List:

  1. Artwork such as shadow boxes, wall hangings, collages.
  2. Amusing toys such as clam-shell critters.
  3. Beach themes for parties, graduations, weddings, and other events.
  4. Bouquets, trees, corsages
  5. Broken shells as filler on dirt roads
  6. Candles
  7. Shell collection displays of wall art, home décor
  8. Decorate any object such as flower pots, bottles, plates
  9. Furniture enhancement
  10. Garlands for seasonal changes and everyday use.
  11. Hair ornaments for daily use, special events, costumes
  12. Jewelry and buttons
  13. Miniature, fairy, and hanging gardens.
  14. Large shells make excellent centerpieces.
  15. Lamps and lanterns, night lights, garland lights
  16. Needlework such as knitting, crocheting, and weaving.
  17. Notebooks
  18. Picture or photo frames
  19. Storage of small items
  20. Tree ornaments for Easter, Christmas
  21. Utility items such as candles, soap dishes
  22. Wind chimes
  23. Yard décor or lawn care

Anyone can make seashell projects. Start with your current arts and crafts hobby. As you progress your creative genius and imagination will unfold and there will be an endless list of other projects that you will want to do.

Different types, shapes, and colors of shells help to determine their best use. I enjoy beading jewelry. I may use small and colorful shells to make rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. I may use a monochromatic theme or I may combine a variety of sizes, types, and colors with matching plastic or acrylic beads. These same small shells are easily stitched to garments using sewing techniques of crochet, knit, or weaving.

A large fishing net will hold large shells and other sea creatures for a wall hanging behind a bar or for beach-themed parties.

Other fastening products such as glue, Plaster of Paris, concrete, thread, yarn, rope, leather, wood, chain, and metal may be used to create pieces of art for viewing or to make utility type objects for practical usage. Various types of shells may be used alone or mixed with broken glass pieces, marbles, or other objects that are viewed as essential or add to the aesthetic value.

Natural shells or artificial shells may be used in arts and crafts projects. Often the object and its use will determine shell preference.


  1. Soak in a 50/50 solution of bleach and water to rid odors
  2. Remove barnacles and other undesirable objects
  3. Wash with soap and water
  4. Use mineral or baby oil and buff till shiny


  1. Ready to use
  2. Optional drilled holes
  3. Glossy finish

Enjoy experimenting with different seashells in different arts and crafts projects. There are many objects combined with your creativity and imagination that are waiting for your skills and talents.