May 26, 2024


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San Antonio Body Sculpting: Do Body Sculpting Treatments Work?

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It could be frustrating when you are dealing with all of these excess flaps and pockets of stubborn fats that would not disappear no matter how much you exercise or how many diest you  go and try. The body sculpting procedure in San Antonio, TX is here to give you a nudge in the right direction in achieving your body goals. This is San Antonio body sculpting: do body sculpting treatments work?

How Does Body Sculpting Work in San Antonio?

Heat treatments

Heat treatments in body sculpting would use lasers to kill the excess fat cells in your targeted area. Some examples of heat treatment body sculpting procedures use flat applicators, which means it is not really ideal for curvy areas of your body.

Cold treatments

There are some cold treatments for body sculpting where they would use low temperatures in damaging your excess fat cells, but they are not low enough to damage your skin. Cold treatments like CoolSculpting are safe, but if you are sensitive to the cold, then getting this treatment may not be for you.


Heat and radiofrequency are used for radiofrequency body sculpting procedures by using this hand-held device that would be able to transmit some energy waved into your body. It would leave all of your healthy and desirable waves unharmed and safe, and radiofrequency devices would only target fat cells.

Ultrasound energy

Using ultrasound energy for body sculpting would have to be the most time-consuming body sculpting technique for body sculpting compared to the other 3 procedures, and it is usually used for your abdominal area.

Pros of Body Sculpting in San Antonio

  1. Comfort

Your skin would not only become firm and tight, but it would also make you feel so much better because doing day-to-day activities like walking, exercising, and jumping would feel so much easier to do as well. That is mainly because there really is no unsightly joggling, excess weight, and interference.

  1. Safe

In general, body sculpting procedures are safe, and they are continuously improving as technology evolves. 

Of course, with every treatment procedure, there are some possible risks, but when you are working with a board-certified plastic surgeon who has experience in the procedure you are taking.

  1. Target many areas

When you are consulting with your doctor, you could ask them to procure more than one body contouring procure at the same time. But of course, this would depend on how much you want to be corrected and where these targeted areas are. 

If you are a person who has a ton of excess skin in several different areas, then getting body sculpting procedures in different areas at the same time would be perfect.

  1. Improve stubborn areas

You may notice that there are some small pockets of fat in your body that are so stubborn that you could not remove them no matter how many diets you go and try, or no matter how many times you exercise a day. 

You would be able to improve these stubborn areas, like the areas beneath your upper arms and your lower abdomen, and be closer to your aesthetic goals.

  1. Long-lasting results

The results of body sculpting are permanent because the fat cells that die during the procedure would not be replaced, so you would be able to get superior results, and it’s a plus that they are non-invasive. Though body sculpting is made more body contouring, it could also help in shaving several inches from your body fats.

How Do You Prepare for a Body Sculpting?

When you are preparing for your body sculpting procedure, you have to first make sure that you are the right candidate for the certain procedure that you are getting. When you first enter the clinic, your healthcare provider would consult you on whether or not you are fit, and brief you on the possible limits in the procedure and treatments that you are interested in getting. 

Aside from whether or not you are the perfect candidate, you would also consult with them about the number of treatments you need and want to get so that you could reach your body goals, document your experience like before and after pictures, and make sure you have pain medication available while you are recovering so you would not have to go out of the house and buy more.

If you have work to do, you could bring your laptop to do work or to watch a few shows, or you could bring a book so that you could be a bit productive during your downtime because your procedure would either last a half an hour, or an hour depending on what procedure you are taking and how big the targeted area is. 

On the day before your get your body sculpting procedure, you have to drink at least 2 liters of water, avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol, do not eat two hours before you get your treatment, shave some of your body hair that is found near the treatment area, and remove any type of lotion from your skin before you have to go in for your treatment.