July 19, 2024


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Model Ships and Model Boats – A Fascinating Hobby

Model Ships and Model Boats – A Fascinating Hobby

Starting a new model ships or model boats building or collecting hobby is an exciting and fascinating hobby for any age. Some ship models or boat models are made from kits ranging from very difficult for the skilled craftsmen to ones made easy for beginners or children. Some hobbyists carve their model ships or boat models from scratch while others build them from a kit. These kits are usually made from plastic or wood, depending on a person’s skill and/or budget restraints. A unique invention is the “small” ship models and boat models that are built in a folded down pattern and inserted into a bottle then erected by the pulling of a piece of thread to create a ship in a bottle. Price range for model ships or model boats, in the past varied substantially; from less than $100.00 to several thousand dollars. However, internet competition has forced prices down to an affordable level. Whether or not a model ship or boat is personally built or purchased, they both make great gifts for that hard-to-find dad, grandfather, relative, etc…

Even though an enthusiast can build their own ship or boat models, some prefer to purchase a finalized model product for either lack of time, skill, and/or patience or maybe just want to collect them. Some purchasers buy them for their home and office decor. Model replicas of model ships and model boats have always played a vital part in the building of “the real ship”. Model ship building started as far back as 3200 B.C. in Egypt. Model builders hand carved models, from scratch; these model ships were the actual blueprints that early designers gave their workers to help them build the real-size ship to the scale desired by the designers as an end result. In a sense the old model builders built them from a completely different perspective; these models were built for the completion of the designer’s actual desired “real size” ship scale. However, today’s model builders build model ships to bring joy and enthusiasm to their lives; they built them to create an upscale model instead.

Ship models are built and used by designers mainly help ship select the final form of the ship’s hull before they draw out the actual plans. Modern computer programs are also used to assist in plan development, just like today’s computerized blueprints to build a house. These model ships are then tested in tanks to provide precise information on how the hull of the full sized ship will perform at sea and how it will perform at various speeds and various ocean behaviors. All of your major ship builders use this method before they decide on the final design.

Keep in mind that if you are interested in becoming a model ship or model boat builder or a collector, you need to just have fun with your new hobby. If you’re a beginner, have patience for it may take some time to become that “expert” in the field. I do promise that your new hobby will be a wonderfully rewarding experience, so just enjoy it!