July 25, 2024


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Industry body slams ‘lazy’ scapegoating of processed foods in Farm to Fork’s health food strategy

The vote has no legislative worth of this sort of but supporters stated it displays the European Parliament’s commitment to the transition to sustainable food devices.

“Our European choice-makers are demonstrating potent commitment to transitioning to truthful and sustainable food methods that defend the earth and individuals. Offered the urgency for action, it is now time to go forward on concrete legislative action”,​ said Madeleine Coste, Sluggish Food items Europe’s plan officer. 

The Parliament voted in favour of:

  • Earning binding the ambitious targets set by the Farm to Fork Method on the reduction of food squander and losses, of the use and risk of pesticides, fertilizers and antimicrobials, and on the uptake of natural agriculture, all of which are critical to setting in motion the change to agroecology.
  • Incentivising and gratifying farmers who farm in a way that shields and preserves biodiversity these as as a result of agroecology.
  • Having a systematic and evidence-dependent method to facilitate producing healthier, sustainable, and fair “food environments” instead of relying on voluntary commitments and on particular person purchaser responsibility to improve foodstuff units.
  • Modifying our latest foodstuff generation and consumption methods in order to reduce the distribute of future zoonotic ailments, and in favour of the section out of the use of cages in animal farming.

The report that was signed off by MEPS incorporates further tips from Parliament:

About healthier meals, for example, the programs now state that “the EU need to give scientifically centered recommendations for healthy consuming, which include required EU nutrition labeling on the entrance of packaging.” ​It additional that “excessive consumption of meat and really processed food items with a significant salt, sugar or unwanted fat articles should really be restricted, for case in point by setting highest ingestion concentrations.”

Supplemental regulatory components also include things like:

  • obligatory origin labelling (this may however guide to countrywide segregation of marketplaces, functions and production strains (e.g. separate logistic flows, added cleaning strategies, etcetera.).
  • pre-acceptance process for all sustainability claims and labels
  • required labelling strategies for nutritious items, indicating whether or not an component is of synthetic origin when received by a chemical synthesis

FoodDrinkEurope, the organisation of Europe’s foods and consume market, stated it ‘undoubtedly endorses the Commission’s ambitious system to make food items methods much more sustainable’. But it additional it now wants to see additional information, specifically encompassing the health suggestions and nutritional labelling.

FoodDrinkEurope’s Director Typical, Mella Frewen said “calls for regulatory necessities could pose added burdens and prices on Europe’s food items SMEs by location optimum limitations on some nutrient levels”.

She additional the team “regrets that some components of the Parliament’s Report one out ultra- or highly processed foodstuff for their impression on our wellness and the environment’, pointing out that the stage of processing is not, in by itself, a marker of well being or sustainability.

“As section of the robust determination of our market to help deal with worries these as obesity and linked well being issues, we would welcome the probability to examine this intricate subject – in all of its sides and its implications for food sustainability – with policymakers.”

A FDE spokesperson further disclosed: “There are a couple parts of the report that refer to overconsumption of extremely or extremely-processed food items. We think this is a lazy solution to what is a really sophisticated topic – the stage of processing is not a determinant of the wellness end result. For example, processing is generally utilised to boost the micro-nutrients in meals.”​ 

Frewen extra that the FDEs stay dedicated to enjoying a top part in the foodstuff sustainability changeover. “Now that positions on the total Technique are apparent and we transfer thoroughly into the implementation section, we look forward to collaborating with MEPs, other policymakers and stakeholders to make Europe’s food units genuinely sustainable,”​ she mentioned.