July 16, 2024


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‘How a Year of Body-Positive Hiking Changed My Life’

It started off as a joke. In June 2020, a friend asked Paige Emerson, then a graduate pupil, to go mountaineering. But the trek turned out to be harder for the Previous Town, Maine, resident than the path application had promised. At that stage, Emerson was fairly sedentary, and an inexperienced hiker.

“I feel I went at the time as a kid, and then perhaps two or three times just before the pandemic,” she suggests about her preceding climbing encounter.

Emerson claims she’d normally desired to be a typical hiker, but self-consciousness about her velocity and size experienced held her again. “I definitely experienced this photograph in my head of what the perfect hiker appeared like, and that was just any person that’s on the skinnier aspect,” Emerson claims — “athletically constructed and truly muscular.”

Because the app’s evaluate was so unhelpful, she and her close friend began wondering that perhaps the app was not created for hikers like them. They joked about Emerson beginning a guideline of her very own, showcasing “chubby hiker reviews.”