May 26, 2024


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Facts About Loose Diamonds in Texas

Loose Diamonds in Texas | Shira Diamonds

Loose diamonds can be a good choice since their purity is more transparent compared with diamonds that are already pre-set to their settings. Diamond dealers sell loose diamonds in Texas for people who want higher-value diamonds. Since they are not yet mounted their 4cs are more visible in every corner. So most people opt for loose diamonds when they want diamond jewelry. 

What Are Loose Diamonds in Texas?

Loose diamonds are diamonds that came directly from the earth. They are polished according to the shape and cut that fits their original appearance. They are sold as-is without getting mounted on any metal and settings yet. These loose diamonds are however ready to be made into whatever jewelry the buyer wants. 

Are Loose Diamonds Cheaper?

The good thing about loose diamonds is they are usually sold at a wholesale diamond store. Which means their prices are lower than retail prices. Buying from wholesale stores saves you a lot of bucks since the markups are eliminated as well as other costs that can cause an increase in the price of the diamond. 

How To Buy Loose Diamonds?

Buying loose diamonds is just like buying any item, however considering some factors can be helpful to get the best loose diamonds quality and price. Here are some things to consider to guide you in buying the best loose diamonds:

Set A Budget

Setting a budget can help you focus on the loose diamonds that your money affords. Not having a budget can leave you confused since you will have a very wide variety of choices. While having a budget leaves you to choose from a range of prices, which means you can have a narrower choice of diamonds. 

Choose a Reputable Store 

Choosing a good store can give you good diamonds. Before you buy your diamonds make sure to check the profile of the diamond store near you, you can visit their online platforms so you can get the info you need. Check on the previous customer’s feedback so you can have an idea of what kind of customer service they have. Plus you can also read some reviews about their diamonds. Another thing to check on the diamond store is their credentials, check on their permits and licenses to make sure you are dealing with a legit one. 

Pick Wholesale Diamonds Store

Wholesale diamonds can be a good place to buy your loose diamonds since they are at the most affordable price. Loose diamonds are expensive and getting them at a more affordable price is a big saving. So better opt for a wholesale diamond store. The good thing about wholesale diamond stores is they sell even one piece of diamond. 

Choose Store with Variations of Diamonds

Choose a diamond store that has a variety of loose diamonds. This way you can choose from a lot of pieces and you can be assured that the diamonds they are selling are new stocks and new designs. Loose diamonds come in many shapes and cuts make sure to pick the best one from a store that has fast-moving diamonds. 

Know the Pricing of Diamonds in the Market

Having an idea of the prices of diamonds in the market will let you determine how much budget to put into buying your loose diamonds. Plus negotiation is possible when buying from a wholesale store, negotiation will be easier if you have knowledge of the price. Knowing the rice can also help you decide which diamond sellers are offering the best price and who among them are overpricing. 

Check Diamond Certification 

When buying loose diamonds ask about the certificates. Even loose diamonds come with a certification when they are sold. So better check to be assured that you are buying an authentic loose diamond. Checking their diamonds evaluator will also be best. 

With all these facts about loose diamonds in Texas, you can be able to know where to buy a good diamond and what to check on the diamonds you are about to buy. Preparing yourself before buying can help you save money and time as well. Diamonds are pricey so better get your money’s worth by doing your research on diamonds and diamond dealers before getting one.