July 24, 2024


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Employment – New York Recruitment CEO’s Top 3 Advice For Job Seekers

Employment – New York Recruitment CEO’s Top 3 Advice For Job Seekers

Times are tough and good jobs are harder to come by. There is a lot of competition for available positions in this recessionary economy.

Here is some job-hunting advice provided during an interview I had with Ken Sundheim, President, KAS Placement, LLC in New York City. KAS Placement was founded five years ago by Ken Sundheim in order to incorporate a cutting-edge approach to Sales and IT recruiting. Since its inauguration, KAS has grown roughly 100% per year and continues to provide great service to both its clients and candidates.

Here is the answer Ken has kindly provided to my top question:

QUESTION: Ken, what would be your top 3 advice to anyone looking for a job in this recessionary environment?


1. Stay calm – realize that the world is not coming to an end. This country has seen dozens of recessions and, in the end, we always find ourselves fiscally stronger. Right now, I see many applicants appear very panicky when they should use this down time to pursue hobbies and focus on self-growth. During hard-hitting economic times, the best candidates hide their anxiety and go about interviewing as if they would in an ordinary market.

2. Realize that finding the right employment may be tough, but we are not in the Great Depression and many lucrative jobs still remain.

3. Take the process slowly. Through constant money saving, savvy individuals prepare for times like this so they don’t have to jump at any job. If you failed to do so this time around, in the future, always have some extra money because undoubtedly another recession will come around. Essentially, when you are able to take the process slow, it calms your nerves and allows you to carefully choose the interviews you want to pursue in lieu of selling yourself short at a fly-by-night company who under pays, and in the long term may not make it.