July 24, 2024


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Cheap Beads – 4 Crafts Kids Can Make With Them

Cheap Beads – 4 Crafts Kids Can Make With Them

When the kids are bored and complaining that there is nothing to do, it is time to break out the cheap beads. There are all sorts of things kids can do with beads, and they will keep them busy for hours. Making crafts is also a way to spend some quality time with your kids. With all of the things you can do with these beads, here are four crafts that kids can make using them.


With a nice supply of cheap beads, kids can create some pretty interesting necklaces. All you need is some jewelry wire or thread, a clasp, wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, and your beads. Kids have wonderful imaginations and can come up with all sorts of designs. What they can do when making their necklaces is to lay out their beads in the order of the design prior to placing them on the wire. This can make the process of adding beads go much smoother, and you will save some time looking for beads.


Making bracelets is much like making necklaces. You will need the same supplies. This time, though, you will cut your jewelry wire or thread a little shorter since this piece will fit around one’s wrist. It makes the project much easier if, like when making necklaces, you lay out the cheap beads in the order that they will be placed on the wire or thread. Attach the clasp and you’ve got yourself a nice homemade bracelet. These bracelets make great gifts too and nothing is greater than a gift made from the heart.


To make a keychain, you will need some bead wire or string, a key ring, and your beads. This is an easy project for kids and, using cheap beads, is pretty inexpensive. You can keep the kids busy making keychains for everyone in the family. First, add the beads to your string. Make sure the end of the string is secure so you do not lose the beads. The bead string will then be tied to the key ring. That is basically the process. You can get creative and add multiple bead strings to one key ring. Be careful when designing your keychain. You do not want the string to be too long.


An easy craft project for kids using cheap beads is to make earrings. The earrings can be a little tricky when making depending upon the size of the beads you will be using. When making earrings, you will be using a post, or headpin, on which you will place the beads. You may need some larger posts if you use some large-hole beads. Once you have added your beads, you will use your pliers to create a loop with the end of the headpin. Connect the French wire to the loop and you have an earring. Repeat the process to complete the pair.