May 25, 2024


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Bead Spacers and Findings Are Essential to Your Home-Crafted Jewelry Design

How Findings make you More Money

Findings are essential for creating any kind of functional jewelry, but it’s easy to forget them when you’re shopping for beads. You could create jewelry without any metal beads, but findings make your design look more professional by adding style and enhancing focal beads.

Findings are like background music in movies – jewelry without them will fail to dazzle.

Spacer Beads

Spacers vary greatly in size, thickness, and shape – so you can dramatically alter the design by their imaginative use. The trick is to keep them discreet so they don’t draw too much attention to themselves. Metal beads also have other benefits:

  • Spacers can save you money by reducing the number of beads needed.
  • They’re excellent for adding a metallic sliver to the design.
  • One larger metal bead (often called Bali Bead) may be fancy enough to function as the main focal bead in your necklace.
  • Use small 925 gothic spacers in between colorful single beads for a classy effect.
  • Cone or dome-shaped spacers, called bead caps, are great for topping off a drop.

Bead Wire & other Findings

Wire is essential to string the beads onto – whether flexible beading wire or rigid wire. Other findings are also needed to complete most jewelry projects. Like crimp beads to secure the ends of flexible wire. Or a clasp on a necklace and jump rings to attach the clasp. Toggle clasps are the easiest to handle, but you can also use spring rings or lobster claw clasps if you want an adjustable-length necklace.