July 16, 2024


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The Similarities and Differences Between Modern and Contemporary Furniture

The Similarities and Differences Between Modern and Contemporary Furniture

Many people are moving to modern compact houses where space available is less. More and more people are opting for modern and contemporary furniture owing to its stylish and light weight features. Modern and contemporary furniture is stylishly designed and suits the requirements of the households of today.Though many people think modern and contemporary are one and the same thing, but in reality these two vary and have significant differences. Take a note on the difference of these two types of designs.

Modern Furniture: Modern furniture refers to the furniture that is not traditional in design. It features neat, clean straight cut designed furniture and features a remarkable difference in art, designs and architecture from the past.

Contemporary Furniture: Contemporary would refer to the furniture that is of the modern age. It is a part of the modern era but follows the styling and designing of the present times.

Both modern and contemporary furniture show absence of heavy bulky design, carvings, motifs and curved designs. This type of furniture will feature sleek, geometric designs and will be light weight too.

Here are some differences between the two styles:

Modern style: Modern design is exactly opposite to traditional designs. It features simple design, geometric shape and neat cut designs. The interiors are given a fresh look with combination of dark color and light pastel colors. The design is kept minimal and not very flashy. It will have simple architectural designs and showcase classy and sophisticated designs. Modern style interiors and furniture designs were a welcome change from the heavy traditional designs and Victorian designs.

The colors used in the furniture are beige, gray and browns that will differentiate the style from traditional.

Contemporary Style:

This style basically features clean-lined furniture. It features basic designs, clean and straight lines, simple outlines and major focus is given on comfort. In contemporary homes, there will be a balance of materials used for decoration. The materials like stone, cedar, steel etc. are used in combination of other industrial materials and create a beautiful combination.

In contemporary style, the furniture will be light weight and so designed that it invites fresh light and air into the house. The contemporary furniture will generally feature armless designs and geometric designs.

The colors used in the contemporary style are white, black or other bright shades like red, orange and green. These days you can spot people adding this bright colored furniture in households.