May 26, 2024


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L&L Easy-Fire Pottery Kiln Review

L&L Kilns is one of the more popular names in pottery supplies. Many trust their products and find no other reason to ever switch to another kiln. Known for quality and ease of use, L&L Kilns are widely considered the only choice for firing pottery.

L&L has built years of reputation by creating a design and construction of ceramic kilns that far surpasses other manufacturers. They have dedicated employees that provide value and satisfaction with all their kiln products. The kiln that I am going to review is the L&L Easy-Fire ceramic pottery kiln, model e23T.

I picked this particular model because I was searching for one that was the middle of the road, so to speak. The attributes I liked most about this L&L kiln was that it is very easy to use, highly productive, is hugely versatile and very reliable.

1. Easy To Use

The L&L Easy-Fire ceramic pottery kiln is very easy to use. Fully automated in fact. It is a top loading kiln, with a lid that is very easy to raise and is held in place with stainless steel clips offering a more secure lid versus other kilns. The biggest feature that makes this kiln stand out, as far as ease of use is concerned, is the dynamic zone control. This control system has 4 preset programs, 6 user defined programs. Delay Time lets you control when kiln starts and stops. You can easily fine tune your firings and lets you control end of firing of your pottery. Plus, L&L kilns are designed from the ground up to be easy to maintain yourself with no special tools. I find this a great benefit for me. I don’t have to guess how long to fire my pottery for my soy candles, it’s all programmed. Just set it and forget it.

2. Productivity is Second to None

The L&L Easy-Fire pottery kiln is also very productive. Perfect firings are possible at all time with the control system. No more tedious and inexact adjustment of manual switches because the system is fully automated. Peepholes are a full one inch diameter and are not tapered so there is a lot less breakage. This kiln gets hot enough to fire stoneware and porcelain and get get up to cone 10. It is also very productive because it has three different levels, all of which can be fired at different temperature levels.

3. Extremely Reliable

L&L Easy-Fire pottery kilns are also very reliable. It is actually one of the most durable kilns made. The Dyna-Glow ceramic element holders are best in class and protects the firebrick, gives better heat distribution, protect the element and results in a much longer kiln life. One reason L&L Kilns last so long is that the brick is hardened with a special coating and hardener. No short cuts in construction, every single facet of the L&L Easy-Fire kiln is meticulously constructed with ultimate protection and long life in mind.

My experience with the L&L Easy-Fire ceramic pottery kiln for my soy candles has been a really pleasant one. It’s extremely easy to use and very durable. I highly recommend this model and can see why it is the most popular kiln they have.