May 25, 2024


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Learning French- What Makes The Language Unique?

“Comment allez-vous?”

Of course you would know right away that the sentence above is the French version for saying “how are you?” in English. Learning the French language can be more challenging compared to other foreign languages that most people find interesting in doing nowadays. The reason that French is challenging compared to Spanish, German and Italian is because it has a completely unique way of pronunciation.

The French language is also tricky with some of the letters, each of which has different functions depending on the position it has on a word or a sentence. You have to be a good observer on this aspect. Not only that, the French language has a certain conversational style that sounds like a slurring sound. This is called liaison. In liaison alone, there are already several conditions which you need to follow and then a few more set of pronunciation rules.

In response to French questions, you will also need to observe your intonation. Most of the time, a rising tone is only applicable for yes/no questions and on other things or simple conversational patterns, intonation goes to the end of the sentence. The only similarity the English and French language has is the number of the letters on the alphabet. Both languages have the complete A-Z alphabet.

The next question is how can you learn and memorize the French language with all the contrasting characteristics the English and French language has? In memorization, there is a technique used to enhance memorization skills. This method can be used perfectly for learning a second language and any language to say the least. An example below shows how the technique works.

Before you get to the other side of the building, you need to cross a long bridge over an extremely wide pond.

The words are bridge and pond. But we used pond only to associate it with the French word pont which means “bridge” because the two words sound alike and the human mind will find it easy to link the two together as one word. The words can be found all in one silly sentence and it’s also great in allowing your brain to exercise, causing it to function and remember things better.