July 16, 2024


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Explaining Coconut Wax – What You Need to Know About Candles and Coconut Wax

Explaining Coconut Wax – What You Need to Know About Candles and Coconut Wax

Candles have been around for centuries. Their uses in homes and other establishments are endless. They play a vital role in many important events, festivals and occasions – even considered sacred by various religions. A lot of people consider candles a must-have luxury item in homes and establishments. They are magical and beautiful in their own way, effective in creating a special sense of well-being, warmth and calm in any room.

Large companies make candles using modern equipment and technology. However, this can also be done at home using materials found in your very own kitchen. The ingredients for candle making can be purchased at local craft stores. You can create a simple candle out of the very basic ingredients or opt for a fancier type by incorporating fragrances and experimenting with different types of wax.

The wax is one of the most important ingredients in candle making. The wax you use plays an essential role in the kind of candle you will be able to create. In the past people have experimented with different raw materials to create the most unique and special wax for candle making. Coconut wax is one of the most recent discoveries.

What is Coconut Wax?

Coconut wax is made out of its raw product… (Yes, you guessed it right!) the coconut. The process involves gathering the coconut meat and cold pressing its oil. Using the hydrogenation process, coconut oil is transformed into wax. This is the same process used to make another type of candle wax, the soy wax.

More and more candle making enthusiasts now prefer to use coconut wax due to the fact that its burn is a lot cleaner compared to other types of wax. It is also said to burn a lot cooler and perfectly complements with different kinds of essential oils. Coconut is organic, sustainable and eco-friendly – factors that make it even more beneficial as an ingredient for candle making. As such, many people consider coconut wax as the best. You can also experiment with this wax by blending it with other types of candle wax.

Are you a candle making hobbyist? If you haven’t tried using coconut wax in the past, now might be a good time to experiment and discover the numerous benefits it brings to your life and home. Since scented candles also make great gifts, creating candles out of coconut wax might be a good way to impress your friends, family and colleagues.