July 16, 2024


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Consistent Business Branding

Consistent Business Branding

Is your message consistent, clear and concise? A professional speaker came over to me after his keynote address and asked me for presentation advice. He had impactful slides, a passionate heartfelt topic and a rambling delivery.

When I asked him to condense the core of his message into one sentence, he replied. “I don’t think I can do that.” If your article or speech or website can not be distilled into one core message, your main point may not be clear to you. If you are not clear about your main point, how can you possibly expect your audience to grasp your core idea?

It reminds me of the first time I asked my brilliant son to demonstrate Rubik’s cube to me. With fingers flying he transformed the scrambled cub to a perfectly color blocked square. With utter amazement and some pride, I exclaimed, ‘That is fascinating; however I do not have any idea of one move you made to accomplish that feat. Slow down and show me one move at a time.” He knew exactly what to do and did each move rapidly. That works in a speed contest; however, it does not work as a teaching demonstration for someone else to learn each move he made and why.

It is all too easy to fly through our message assuming that just because we know the information, everyone in our audience knows it as well. Be logical. If everyone already knew all of the information, there would be no need for you to present it again. If it is new information, deliver it in a clear, concise and understandable manner.

Regardless of the message, consistent business branding is essential. Every written or spoken message must be consistent, clear and concise. Customers expect consistently high quality service and consistently high quality products. Provide both with consistent business branding.

One key element of an entrepreneurial mindset is the consistent business branding. Entrepreneurs know that customers expect and deserve consistent high quality. Consistent high standards exemplify entrepreneurial thinking.

Just as a business brands itself with a consistent logo and consistent colors, it must also present a consistent business message. Product, service, logo, colors and message are all elements of consistent business branding.

Examine you web site, your written business communications and your spoken presentations. Is your message consistent from all employees? Consistent business branding provides confidence to the marketplace.

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