July 16, 2024


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A Job Maketh a Man

A Job Maketh a Man

Job is not just a means to our livelihood but also a way of serving our country. A job or a career maketh a man. People respect a person in a job. If a person is unemployed, his life will be boredom. In India job seekers are more, but jobs are few. Success in many careers is based on relationship building, and workplace friendships which enhance creativity. Many face failures in their job, but a person who is dynamic will continue his efforts, as there is an adage ‘ Try again try again ‘ and finally he will succeed.

The choice of job decides a person’s success in his life. If a person keeps his leg in a wrong boat the journey may be to a different land. It is necessary in these days to check the aptitude of a person. Each person’s interest may differ from other. All such factors influence the job of a person. At the same time, we should also note that the mistake is not with the job or career. Unfortunately, selfish and insular cults and practices are seen much these days.

Job that has become most popular in the present world is the software job. Especially in an electronic age, young boys and girls are choosing the job of software professional, so that they earn more money and live a much satisfactory life. But here again we have to note that each job will have its own merits and demerits. Some jobs may give more rest time whereas some very less free time. Software job is said to be one such job, which provides less free time and one need to work to the pinnacle. Choice of a job shapes a man. He will put his efforts to achieve the same. But still dynamic nature can only yield fruits.

Everyone chooses a job, rich or poor, man or women. Thus, it may be achieved irrespective of caste, gender and so on. So a job may be achieved, but success depends on the person. Let me give an example. A hundred people may write poems, but all of them are not Tagore’s.