July 19, 2024


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Car Audio With DVD Reviews

Car Audio With DVD Reviews

No name is more recognizable in the electronics field than Pioneer. DVD player, blue ray devices, and home theater systems are just a few of the things they do well. Pioneer car audio is the one area that nearly everyone knows well.

You would be hard pressed to find a person who has never had some part of a Pioneer system in their vehicle. It may have only been the speakers, but they were displayed with pride! What is new on the Pioneer car audio front?

Car Audio with DVD

Perhaps the latest innovation in Pioneer car audio is the stereo that doubles as a DVD player. Not too sure, about the idea of a DVD screen within view of the driver, but…

Features included in the Pioneer AVH-P5000DVD:

• 7 inch adjustable angle touch screen

• Mp3, WMA, and AAC compatible

• Optional iPod connector

• Bluetooth compatible with adapter


CD player

Anyone can afford to own a piece of the Pioneer car audio experience. While Pioneer has long been known for its expensive models of car stereos, they now also offer choices that are more economical.

Pioneer offers several units with Bluetooth, XM, Sirius, and IPod compatibility that are also easy on the budget. Starting at just under $200 on the company website to just over a hundred from popular sites such as Amazon it is possible to have a quality Pioneer car audio device.


No discussion about Pioneer car audio is complete without a section on the wonderful speakers this company has produced for years. Their speakers have been so popular that several car lines installed them in the factory.

When it comes to car speakers Pioneer has them all, tweeters, 6×9, subwoofers and many more in between. From tiny little speakers that fit in the dash or door panels to massive 12 in subwoofers that will kick you in the chest, there is something for everyone.

It must be said that for any brand of speaker they are only as good as the system and amp pushing them, this is why many people swear by keeping a system all under one name. In other words if you have a Pioneer car audio CD player then keep with the Pioneer brand for speakers and amplifier.


While this is by no means an exhaustive summary of Pioneer car audio line it does give you a good idea of the range of products the company offers. Pioneer has been in the consumer electronics game since 1938, and have the customer loyalty to prove they deserve the long profitable history they have enjoyed. When it comes to quality Pioneer has always stood above the rest.